Chico Indie 2020 Sponsors! Arts & Business Listings

Chico Indie Sponsors!

Local to Global 2020

You Rock!

CIFF California 2020 – TICKETS:



CIFF California Sponsorship Package

for 2020 Season: 

$100.00 per year Link Ad on

All logos and names of business on poster for promos festival weekend, displayed around venue. 

CIFF California 2020 Platinum Sponsors

Local Partners!

As CIFF California is having it’s most prosperous Season yet…the reminder is that these are companies, Like Shasta Spring Water – Platinum Sponsor, give freely at their time of need!

Their business is safe and running, while they give water and time to the entire disaster areas of Camp Fire and Carr Fire surrounding them.

Thank you to:

Daniel Teague







Zevia Sodas


Trader Joe’s


Lagunitas Brewery


Sierra Nevada Brewery


Hap Hathaway – The Family Business



by Kelly M. Desmore, Founder/Producer/Senior Programmer of CIFF California:

In the Fall of 2010, our first season of The Chico Independent Film Festival, came about with comedy in tow. Second season, we went into our own film productions, third season we went international…fourth, we are globally accepted in art. 5th Season was the balance of the first series films, and how the future will be shaped. 6th Season was our new home and high tech here we come! Our 7th Season was new and vibrant, with an incredible new Partner. 8th was healing from Camp Fire with new life. Independent Arts & Media! Infinite 9 Season is “Visions in Film” Series! 2020

Yes, locally we are known for our films, teaching and multimedia…oh, and wine/beer/spirits!:) Internationally we are known for Gone With The Wind, and Robin Hood and Warner St(Warner Studios).  But it was time to reconnect with our roots of over 100 years of shooting film in Northern California’s Gold Country, we do live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. In 1989 the film school ended at Chico State(the oldest State College in California).

Independent Film has given us a chance to combine with our community, in a way that a larger City could not support or have the closeness we seem to convey.

Local Sponsors saved the day, and they saw our vision from the beginning.

The Chico Independent Film Festival  and are now

Partners for Fiscal Sponsorship and Project Development!

Donate via Email to CIFF California

Trust and value is the key formula. Also, not offering more than we can provide in service is of primary concern to our audience. 

CIFF California has learned the whole time how to re-do, re-use and renew. That is what it takes in this economy, and a big heart.


 Federal tax ID: 94-3355076.

Sponsors Donations 2010-2019

Now Ready for Acceptance! 

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