LUCKY Number 7 – Theatre in Film Series September 27th – Private Party, Invite Only – Films and Awards on 28th, 29th and 30th 2018



Trailers! Sneak Preview for 2018

The Chico Independent Film Season “Theatre in Film Series”


Welcome to Chico’s ONLY Independent FILM Festival Events! September, 27TH-30TH 2018

Films are at each season and they are our wonderful Festival home! 

Chico Independent Film Festival is a Partner and fiscally sponsored project of Independent Arts & Media, a 501(c)(3) organization that supports people and projects that use media and the arts to build community and participation. Keep Collaborating! Chico Independent are in the forefront of digital film making. General Information: We look forward to promoting OUR vibrant Chico FILM arts community, during our 7th Season!


Federal tax ID: 94-3355076


Private Party on 9/27 for VIP, Crew and Volunteers Only!

Venue on 9/28, 29 and 30th – 2018 –

The Chico  – Lucky 7 Season with over 600 films submitted. CIFF California – Peace thru the Arts – Contact at – 530-720-3069



The Chico Independent Film Festivalwhose purpose is to support and develop the growth of independent filmmaking in California. 

The Chico Independent Film Festival is in a Partnership and Affiliate 5013c Sponsored Group via

donateffDonate to CIFF via Email!

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Events Produced by Since 1997!fernstudiosdigital

CIFF California Trailers for 2018 


Click Here for Trailers:

2010-2018 – TRAILERS!

*Chico Independent Film Festival Official Selection for 2018 Showings in September!

More Announcements Coming!

Trailer for “Standing Rock – Making A Difference” on #Vimeo Standing Rock, A Vision for Our Future by Director, Ryan Schmidt, Chico CA

Schedule Posted this week for all showings! 

2018 Showings and Tickets!


Click Here for Tickets!

Official Selections for 2017-18 Trailers – Click Here!

Company Overview:


CIFF California melds local art and commerce with travel and tourism through Chico’s ONLY Independent Film Festival Group.

The combination of local talent, virtual cooperative communities and interactive collaboration with local commerce/tourism ensures a successful event that will continue to highlight Chico filmmakers and artists.

Description: The Chico Independent Film Festival

(CIFF California) draws Northern California artists and tourists to Chico, California.

For 2018, we are now Commercial with the 39 other festivals in Independent Film, globally. New energy, new films. Now, with a Non-Profit 5013c Partner,

Education is our key, our area is commercial arts.

Our content supports Independent Arts.

Contact:  Weekdays 9am-7pm 

CIFF California Arts Organization Business

Phone for 1 (530)720-3069 805-794-4223

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